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Experience the allure and beauty of a Singapore social escort. Beauty Pageant contestants, Model Escorts and Fashion/Glamour/Magazine Escort Models are just some of the many different options available.

Peruse our list of Singapore social escorts and choose from various age groups, ethnic groups, body types (all vital statistics are listed), miscellaneous physical expectations, level of language ability, special physical features (such as big eyes) and profession among other factors.

Singapore social escorts combine the best of exotic Asian looks with the personality and friendliness of a worldly high class lady. Having a social escort in Singapore clinging onto your arm is one of the best ways to spend your time. Whether as a dinner date to while away the evening, or as a party escort to one of Singapore's various clubbing nightspots, customers can be assured of an enjoyable time in paradise.

All our Top Singapore Model Escorts and Premium Social Escort Models listed here are Singaporean. Do let us know should you have any special requirements and we will try our best to cater to your needs.


Top Singapore Escorts Models

(1 hour = SGD$3000, 2 Hours = SGD$3500)



Champtere :

Age : 21 years, Singapore Chinese

Vital Stats : 34C-24-35, 50kg, 1.7m

Skin : Fair

Eyes : Big and sexy

Looks : Very attractive feminine girl enhanced with long hair and legs. Sexy body, busty and GFE. Her figure is one of the best you're likely to find. Her demure looks also make her stand out amongst other girls and coupled with her good communication skills. She makes a good companion for any man whether be it her looks or attitude. Friendly and hot girl. Always in fantastic nice innocent yet sexy type of dress.

Profession : Model / School Girl

Available : Advance booking

Christabel :

Age : 21 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 35B-26-35, 52kg, 1.72m, Long hair

Skin : Snow white

Eyes : Seductive, shiny and alluring eyes

Looks : Looks like a university lecturer with her glasses, coupled with a tinge of naughtiness whilst wearing her miniskirt which boasts her long, slim legs. She is gorgeous, alluring and sexy without glasses for it brings out her beautiful, shiny eyes. You would definitely enjoy her sophisticated and charming attitude.

Profession : Model

Available : Advance booking

Cherlyn :

Age : 20 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 34C-25-34, 50kg, 1.72m, Long hair

Skin : Smooth fair complexion

Eyes : Flirtatious big eyes

Looks : She boasts tall and long legs and she looks demure with a classy and sophisticated air. She is usually casually dressed. Jeanne is one of those girls whom every man desires, sexy, passionate and intelligent. This schoolgirl is also able to engage in conversation well. With her by your side, every man eyes would undoubtedly be drawn to you and your beautiful young companion in jealousy.

Profession : Undergraduate student / Beauty Pageant contestant / Magazine Model

Priscilla :

Age : 25 years , Chinese

Vital Stats : 32B-24-35, 42kg, 1.62m

Skin : Fair and youthful complexion

Eyes : Nice big inviting sexy eyes

Looks : Very prettty and sexy Corporate Executive with an innocent demure look. Polite and gentle office lady with long hair, nice and firm curvy body. A very well-behaved, nice personality and accomodating girl. Can carry good Conversations. Was from top university during her younger days.

Profession : Corporate Office Lady

Claire :

Age : 22 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 33B-23-34, 45kg, 1.67m, Smooth and shining shoulder length hair

Skin : Very Fair and tender with nice smell

Eyes : Sexy steamy eyes with double eyelids

Looks : Magnificent Assets. Slim and curvaceous frame make her one whom other girls envy for her beautiful body, her firm butt and long legs are easily shown off in the revealing short dresses and skirts that she loves to wear. If you are a man who can appreciate a woman's legs, you'll no doubt be pleased to find that she can satisfy that desire completely. Innocent and demure type.

Profession : Full time model

Available : Advance booking

Vanessa :

Age : 23 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 33B-24-34, 48kg, 1.7m, Long hair

Skin : Fair

Eyes : Charming brown eyes

Looks : Slim figure and her alluring, sexy eyes give her a look that no man would be able to resist. She is able to look both sophisticated and yet, young and sweet depending on your preference. Her communication skills are also unrivalled and this coupled with her beauty produces a charming woman whom you are unlikely to forget for a long time. Confident and cool personality.

Profession : Fashion Top Model

Felicia :

Age : 19 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 34B-24-34, 46kg, 1.61m, Nice curvy hair

Skin : Smooth, healthy and flawless complexion

Eyes : Attractive slutty brown eyes

Looks : Looks beautiful with her long hair and sharp features, exactly as a model would look. Her large, shiny eyes contain mysteries that any gentleman would yearn to unlock. Her natural charms and friendly nature make her a prize any man would covet. A super good drinker who hardly any guys can defeat. Resembles an Taiwan actress. Very playful girl.

Profession : Entertainment industry

Joey :

Age : 25 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 35B-26-34, 1.6m, 49kg

Skin : Good complexion and fair

Eyes : Brown and sexy

Looks : Sports waist-long hair, which falls in a cascade down her flawless back. Her long sexy fingernails complement her beautiful fingers and her fair body has a hint of tan lines which makes it all the more seductive. She's certainly a good choice for any man wishing for a companion at any time.

Profession : Model

Available : Advance booking

Annelyn :

Age : 20 years old, Chinese

Vital Stats : 34B-25-35, 45kg, 1.60m

Skin : Baby complexion, SK2 skin product lover

Eyes : Brown and innocent

Looks : Features exude sweetness and innocence. Her girl-next-door looks are complemented by her friendly, eager-to-please attitudes. She is also a lesbian and her beauty is enhanced with her communication skills giving her a natural charm that draws all eyes to her.

Profession : Undergraduate student and singer

Carol :

Age : 18 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 34C-24-34, 44kg, 1.63m, Shoulder length hair

Skin : Tanned and healthy complexion

Eyes : Appealing big eyes and nice eye lashes

Looks : Elegance shines with her hair and curls complementing her features all too well. Her slender legs and beautiful complexion coupled with large eyes make her look stunning. As if that were not enough, her curvy figure with its tight, youthful attractiveness allows her to look both sophisticated and yet sweet due to her age. One of the most unforgettable girls you're bound to meet.

Profession : Model and undergraduate student

Available : Advance booking

Christiane :

Age : 23 years, Eurasian

Vital Stats : 34B-25-34, 48kg, 1.72m, Long hair

Skin : Healthy, toned complexion

Eyes : Brown and sleepy

Looks : Beautiful frame make her difficult to resist. Her small round shoulders and long hair make her look sophisticated but depending on the circumstance, she is also able to look casual but sexy. Her tight, well-toned body is put to good use when she engages in her hobby of dancing which she is skillful in.

Profession : Model

Available : Advance booking

Janelle :

Age : 23 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 34B-24-34, 47kg, 1.63m

Skin : Porcelain-smooth complexion

Eyes : Brown and wet

Looks : Stunning figure and her natural assets make her one of the most attractive women you're bound to meet. With her friendly attitude, she makes any man feel at home instantly. Her prominent features are framed by her long silky hair and she also looks like a movie star.

Profession : Model and post-graduate student

Available : Advance booking

Christy :

Age : 23 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 34B-24-34, 53kg, 1.70m, Long hair

Skin : Very fair, as white as snow and porcelain complexion, so smooth and tender

Eyes : Brown and sexy, seducing pair of eyes

Looks : Tall and slim physique coupled with her alluring, seductive eyes make her look unbelievably stunning. With perfect features and a sophisticated, exotic look she also has one of the best figures you'll ever see. Sporting long slender legs and sensuous curves all over her frame. Beautiful and intelligent, you'll undoubtedly be able to appreciate her.

Profession : Model

Jasmine :

Age : 27 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 32B-24-34, 50kg, 1.70m, Long hair

Skin : Fair and well toned

Eyes : Small yet beautiful eyes

Looks : Tall, slim frame exudes a sports woman's charm. Her toned body boasts hours of sweaty indulgence in sports, one of her favourite pastimes. She is able to carry a conversation well and her beautiful features give her an appearance like those of modern Asian beauties.

Profession : Top model

Available : Advance booking

Shenise :

Age : 19 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 35C-25-35, 49kg, 1.69m

Skin : Very fair and silky smooth

Eyes : Brown and shinning

Looks : Seductive features complement her stunning figure. Her long legs and smooth, firm breasts make her difficult to resist. Especially as her face itself is already beautiful with well-aligned, distinguished features. She's one of those girls whom men are attracted to at first glance.

Profession : Undergraduate student



Premium Model Social Escorts

(1 hour = SGD$2000, 2 Hours = SGD$2500)



Olivia :

Age : 20 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 33B-25-33, 43kg, 1.57m

Skin : Fair

Eyes : Brown

Looks : Innocent and demure look make her look like a schoolgirl at times. Her short cropped hair and her outgoing, friendly personality make her very easy to talk to and she's a good companion to bring about. Her brown eyes radiate a liveliness and concern that attracts others to her immediately.

Profession : Undergraduate student

Celest :

Age : 19 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 34B-24-34, 45kg, 1.62m

Skin : Normal, healthy complexion

Eyes : Brown

Looks : Girl-next-door looks are complemented by her natural friendliness and passion. She looks decent and nice, much like a typical Asian girl. She has a look of freshness about her and her curvy body can be seen through the casual clothes she likes to wear. She's young and lively and able to energise the men around her.

Profession : Undergraduate student

Sindy :

Age : 25 years , Chinese

Vital Stats : 33B-25-35, 44kg, 1.65m

Skin : Fair, smooth complexion

Eyes : Brown

Looks : Large eyes complement her beautiful features and her skin is smooth and healthy. She's slim and keeps her hair long and her outgoing personality makes her easy to talk to. She is also able to keep up a smooth conversation and she's a good companion who does not disappoint.

Profession : Model

Elena :

Age : 24 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 34B -25-34, 47kg, 1.63m, Long hair

Skin : Tann and healthy complexion

Eyes : Nice, round eyes that will 'smile' at you

Looks : Exudes an air of sweetness and professionalism, like that of a corporate executive's. She's attractive and charming and just like any beautiful secretary. You'd undoubtedly want to get to know her. She's also willing to listen and get to know you better and her company would certainly draw all eyes to you and her.

Profession : Corporate secretary

Germaine :

Age : 28 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 34C-26-34, 49kg, 1.64m

Skin : Smooth, tanned complexion

Eyes : Big, brown and sexy eyes

Looks : Large eyes and sultry look make her the envy of many. She looks sweet with her dark hair, yet she possesses a natural elegance and is willing to try out new fashions. She has a curvy figure and her breasts are firm and smooth. She communicates well and can capture the attention of men easily.

Profession : Retail babe

Jolie :

Age : 26 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 35B-26-35, 50kg, 1.63m

Skin : Fair, smooth complexion

Eyes : Brown

Looks : Looks like your typical office girl and her friendly, sociable personality make her hard to resist. She also got a beautiful figure and smooth skin that you'd undoubtedly appreciate. She is extremely fit and healthy and she boasts a stunning figure that gets her noticed.

Profession : Education

Available : Advance booking

Eunice :

Age : 23 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 32B-25-34, 45kg, 1.65m, Long hair

Skin : Normal complexion

Eyes : Brown and sexy

Looks : Slim physique is enhanced with her alluring, sexy eyes. These complement her prominent features and make her sophisticated look shine. Many girls envy her because of her natural charms, both physically and in her communication skills. She's a girl that you'll not forget for a long time after meeting.

Profession : Entertainment line

Joanne :

Age : 23 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 34B -26-36, 43kg, 1.63m, Long hair

Skin : Normal complexion

Eyes : Big blue sexy eyes that 'electrify', 'talk', 'smile' at you

Looks : Inviting personality is complemented by her beautiful figure. Men who gaze at her are enthralled by the stunning blue eyes she has, which seem to reveal her liveliness. She looks stunning and radiant, and possesses good communication skills that she uses to make any man feel comfortable.

Profession : Entertainment line

Corinna :

Age : 25 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 33B-24-34, 47kg, 1.65m

Skin : Fair

Eyes : Brown

Looks : Looks sweet with her long, curly hair framing her delicate features. Her vulnerable looks and slender figure make her look both demure and yet charming. She has good communication skills and is able to talk freely and cover a wide range of topics. She's a girl who will undoubtedly make you feel comfortable with her.

Profession : Entertainment line

Gloria :

Age : 26 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 33B-25-35, 49kg, 1.63m

Skin : Very fair

Eyes : Brown

Looks : Sensual, sexy eyes entice you to get to know her better. Her prominent features are complemented by her long, smooth legs which any man can appreciate. Her smooth skin and inviting personality make her hard to resist and she is also able to speak to people easily and make you feel appreciated.

Profession : Hospitality industry

Available : Advance booking

Enry :

Age : 23 years old, Chinese Local

Vital Stats : 34C-24-35, 1.66m, 46kg

Skin : Normal smooth complexion

Eyes : Light browness red

Looks : Sultry frame complements her long wavy hair. Her perfect hourglass figure shows off her firm legs and rear. She sports curves in the right areas and her smooth large breasts and slim figure make her a stunning companion. She also got good communication skills and can easily make any man feel at home with her.

Profession : Exotic pole dancer at night and secretary during the day

Available : Advance booking

Denise :

Age : 21 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 34B-25-35, 47kg, 1.6m

Skin : Fair, smooth, tender

Eyes : Big, bright brown eyes that can electrify you

Looks : Large brown eyes captivate many men and her slim figure exudes allure and charm. Besides her physical assets, she is also good at conversation and is extremely likeable. Her warm, friendly personality makes her adored amongst many. Her attractive physique draws many eyes towards her and she's a good companion for any man to have.

Profession : Sales line

Michelle :

Age : 24 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 35C-25-35, 43kg, 1.62m

Skin : Nice and smooth, fair complexion

Eyes : Sexy, seductive big eyes

Looks : A quiet but lively girl and she possesses sexy full lips that make her look stunningly beautiful. Her curvy body boasts a pair of firm, full breasts. She's also got smooth skin and a charm which makes her hard to resist. Both in conversation and in looks, she's a girl you'll undoubtedly want to meet and know better.

Profession : Student and Model

Jaselin :

Age : 24 years old, Chinese

Vital Stats : 34b-25-34, 1.63m, 49kg

Skin : Normal

Eyes : Brown

Looks : Long hair and girl-next-door looks make her look agreeable and friendly, just as her personality is too. She looks extremely presentable and has a warm and lively personality. Her slim figure and her ability to communicate well with others make her very popular, especially amongst men.

Profession : Financial industry

Amelia :

Age : 27 years old, Chinese

Vital Stats : 34B-25-35, 1.64m, 48kg

Skin : Fair

Eyes : Brown

Looks : Sultry frame invites many glances from men and she looks mature with an exclusively feminine appeal. She's also a good conversationalist and people enjoy talking to her. Her slim frame and fair skin make her natural charms even more noticeable and she's a good companion for any man.

Profession : Administration executive

Adlina :

Age : 25 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 34C-25-35, 46kg, 1.64m, Long hair

Skin : Fair

Eyes : Brown

Looks : Sparkling eyes and lively character make her hard to resist. Her small rosy lips exude an air of vulnerability and yet she possesses an allure uncommon amongst women. Her long, tied-up hair make her look most presentable and her smooth round breasts also show off her attractive figure.

Profession : Cosmetics girl

Diana :

Age : 22 years, Chinese

Vital Stats : 34A-24-34, 42kg, 1.63m, Long hair

Skin : Fair, healthy sunshine complexion

Eyes : Brown and sexy, big eyes

Looks : A sweet girl with innocent eyes, she looks demure and gentle, and she has the charm of a girl-next-door, both pleasant and agreeable, men are drawn to her for her looks and also, her ability to communicate well with them, she's got a charming personality and is willing to listen as well as talk.

Profession : Fashion industry



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